Karin Fruit Lozenges (100g)
  • Karin Fruit Lozenges (100g)
  • Karin Fruit Lozenges (100g)

Karin Fruit Lozenges (100g)

Shipping Weight:126g

The Karin fruit is a fruit from the apple and pear family.
Each delicious Karin fruit lozenge is hand-made in the traditional way and packaged individually.
The great deal sets are also available!
>Karin Fruit Lozenges (100g × 5bags)

How to Store
Keep out from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

Starch syrup,granulated sugar,honey,butter(including milk),emulsifier, Karin fruit extract,flavoring

Nutrition Information
Nutrition facts (per 100g):
Energy:395kcal, Protein:0.2g , Fat:0g, Carbohydrates:98.6g, Sodium:1mg (Salt equivalent:0.00g)

Allergy Information
*If you have food allergies, please do not consume this product.

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