Healthy Megumi-cha Tea(6g×30 packs)
  • Healthy Megumi-cha Tea(6g×30 packs)
  • Healthy Megumi-cha Tea(6g×30 packs)
  • Healthy Megumi-cha Tea(6g×30 packs)
  • Healthy Megumi-cha Tea(6g×30 packs)
  • Healthy Megumi-cha Tea(6g×30 packs)

Healthy Megumi-cha Tea(6g×30 packs)

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Drink it every day to support your everyday health. Please enjoy the 31 kinds of harmony that nature weaves with your family.

Good for health, 31 natural ingredients are well blended in Healthy Megumi-cha Tea.
It is an ideal drink to refresh yourself (both your mouth and stomach) before and after your meal. You can also enjoy iced tea.

The great deal sets are also available!
>Healthy Megumi-cha Tea(6g×30 packs)×2 box set
>Healthy Megumi-cha Tea(6g×30 packs)×3 box set
>Healthy Megumi-cha Tea(6g×30 packs)×6 box set

[31 natural ingredients are blended]
Adlay-meal, Corn tea, Dokudami tea, Kaki leaves tea, burdock, Brown rice meal, Jiaogulan tea, Lycium chinense tea, Habu tea, Fujian oolong tea, Ginko leaves tea, Pu-erh tea, Adlay tea, Hama tea, Mame tea, Inaka-Hoji-roasted barley tea, Loquat leaves tea, Mulberry leaves tea, Common Horsetail tea, Kumazasa, Roasted Habu tea, Gymnema tea, Eucommia ulmoides tea, Redbush tea, Guava tea, Chinese Plantain, Evening primrose, Reishi mushroom, Liquorice, Pine needle tea, Cats whiskers tea.

We recommend this tea to those who:
* last year's clothes are too tight.
* want to have regular bowel movements every day without trying very hard.
* don't want to exercise or calculate calories.

Recommend to Use
◎If you use teapot, please add tea pack and steam for 2 to 3 minutes to make your favorite taste.
◎To boil, 2 bags is suggested for 2L kettle. Once water is boiled, add the 2bags and gently heat for about 5minutes. (If you boil at high temperature for long time, its aroma may be lost)
◎The bag can be used for bath essence.
After drinking it as a tea, please use it as an additive to your bathwater.
It is recommended for those who are concerned with skin problems.
Please pack 5 to 6 tea bags in a cloth bag or such and add it to the bath.
It is even more beneficial to rub your body with the cloth bag.

How to Store
Keep out from direct sunlight, store at room temperature.

Cracked tear glass tea,corn tea,brestweed tea,persimmon leaves tea,burdock,cracked brown rice,jiaogulan tea,goji berry tea,senna tea,fujian oolong tea,ginkgo tea,pu'er tea,tear grass tea,cassia tea,soybean tea,country fashion roasted tea containing barley tea,loquat tea,mulberry tea,field horsetail tea,striped bamboo,roasted senna tea,gymnema tea,gutta percha tea,rooibos tea,guava tea,plantain,evening primrose,reishi mushroom,liquorice,pine needles tea,cat whiskers tea

Nutrition Information
Nutrition facts (per 100g):
Energy:1kcal, Protein:Below 0.1g , Fat:Below 0.1g, Carbohydrates:Below 0.1g, Sodium:Below 1mg (Salt equivalent:0.01g)

Allergy Information

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