Propolis Gold (93tablets / 31packs)
  • Propolis Gold (93tablets / 31packs)

Propolis Gold (93tablets / 31packs)

Shipping Weight: 142g

Resistance Propolis.
Giving you the strength to oppose the cold and outside invaders.

The human body is by nature equipped with a immune system that maintains a healthy physique.
However, excessive amounts of stress due to sleep deprivation, one-sided eating habits, drinking alcohol, smoking, work and so on, can cause this immunine system to deteriorate.
Having a healthy way of living, eating balanced food, getting an adequate amout of exercise are all linked to the improvement of our immune system.
So how about supplementing your resistance power by taking propolis?

Sugi Bee Garden's Propolis Gold utilizes the high qualityBrazil-produced propolis, containing an abundance of advantageous ingredients.

It only uses material from the sprouts of shrubs from the Rosemary family, and especially from what the locals call "Baccharis".
That is because it is an extremely rare propolis compared to the ones from other producing areas.

Propolis is known for containing flavonoid with its antibacterial effects, every kind of vitamin, minerals, organic ingredients, and also for regulating the physical condition, and maintaining one's health.

Contents of 1 propolis extract tablet: 80mg of Vitamin E is also mixed in.

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