Customers who would like to receive shipment in Japan

We can deliver to a hotel
where you are staying or
to your home address, anywhere in Japan!

Please check following
3 steps for domestic delivery.

*Due to the functionality of the system that our site uses, we are unable to accept orders under JPY 5,400 (including tax) in total. We apologize to our customers who want to order less than JPY 5,400 (including tax), but kindly email us your order with your delivery address and preferred delivery date from here. We will reply to you with an estimate which includes the shipping fees.

We are working hard to restructure the system in order to satisfy our customers as early as possible. We truly apologize for the inconvenience that we might cause you, but we would appreciate your understanding.
  • Please sign up
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  • Please set the delivery destination as the hotel
    you are staying in or your home address
    (For hotels, please enter the hotel name, address, and reserved name).
  • We deliver through "Yamato TA-Q-BIN".
    If staying at a hotel, the date and time you select must be at least a day before your checkout.

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