Important notice
regarding overseas

・Import taxes etc. may be incurred due to regulations of importing country. Please acknowledge that in this event, the import tax incurred will be born by the recipient.

・The delivery schedule is subject to change depending on the situation in the country or region, holidays, customs clearance status, air freight delays, the weather and climate etc. We ask for your understanding that even if deliveries are delayed due to any of these conditions, our company assumes no responsibility whatsoever.

・Should by any chance the products become lost or damaged after they leave Japan, we will carry out procedures based on the investigative report from the postal agency of the locality, therefore please understand that it is possible that it will take a little time.

・To customers who request us to ship to Singapore or China Depending on your orders, please kindly be advised that you are going to receive an estimate separately according to the regulations of each country.

Important notice
regarding domestic
delivery within Japan

・Please specify date and time of the delivery. If nothing is specified, the delivery will be made within 1 week from the date of order.

・If the delivery is to the hotel you are staying in, please make sure to specify the date and time at least one day before your checkout date.

・If you cannot select the date and time that you want, please complete the order after entering your desired delivery date and time in the order comment box at the lower portion of the screen. We will contact you whether we can ship at the desired date and time via email later.

・Depending on the timing of the order, delivery may not be made on your desired date and time. If that is the case, we will inform you in a separate email.

・Delivery may not be done on date and time you specified due to traffic conditions or inclement weather.

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Important Notice

We are planning to carry out system maintenance during the following period. During this period, the site will not be accesible. Your kind understanding will be appreciated.
System Maintenance Period: Sep 11, 2017(Mon) 13:00~14:00(Japan Time)

Sugi Bee Garden’s official online shopping site has been renewed!
From September 7, domestic delivery service within Japan is added to our existing online shopping site specialized in overseas delivery. Find details here.
Furthermore, for overseas delivery, you can now also choose to use SAL in addition to the usual EMS.
*Availability is limited depending on the handling country and region of delivery. Details may be found here.

We are always listening to the customers' voices, and we will strive to continue to improve our services even further.

New campaigns have begun!
Campaign Period :Aug 15, 2017 ~ Oct 31, 2017
①”Manuka Honey” Extra Campaign! ②“Honey Vinegar With Plum Extract & Rice Black Vinegar” Extra Campaign! ③”Healthy Megumi-cha Tea” Refreshing Campaign!

New product information!
・ The new member, “Honey Flavored with Apple Juice”, has been added to the fruit juice honey series.
・ Large-size “Plum Honey” has joined the lineup.

We sincerely await your patronage!

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