We will send a special gift [Honey Wormwood Soap] to first time customers who purchase 5,000yen ~ 9,999yen (only product’s total amount) in mail-order or shopping site. If your purchase is more than 10,000yen (only product’s total amount) at a time, we shall send [6-Flavor Stick Honey] to you.

*The price of each gift is 100yen in EMS invoice because it is required for custom clearance. Please note that we will not charge you for it actually.

Honey Wormwood Soap

Honey Wormwood Soap is an additive-free soap which has no perfumes colors or preservatives added, making it an ideal product for use by the whole family.

6-Flavor Stick Honey (15g×12 sticks)

This is the hoeny blended with fruit juice. 6 flavors, 2 sticks for each are Blueberry, Yuzu, Mango, Acerola, Grape and Maple. Please try them and find your favorite flavor.